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The Minor in Architectural Studies allows undergraduates to start training early. Explore and experience the types of knowledge, skills, and activities that make up a career in architecture.

Minor in Architectural Studies (ARST)

Turn your minor into a major advantage

The Minor in Architectural Studies is an opportunity for University of Calgary undergraduates to get a one-year jump start on the Master of Architecture program. The Minor consists of the courses taken in the Foundation Year of the Master of Architecture program. Undergraduates study alongside our graduate students in a blended learning environment that includes architectural design studios, workshops in 2D and 3D graphics and digital fabrication as well as lecture courses in history, building science, and sustainability theory. If you complete the minor, you’re also completing the first year of the MArch degree.

The Minor in Architectural Studies can be added to a number of undergraduate degrees. We recommended that students planning to enter the Master of Architecture Program should use their undergraduate years to develop a broad knowledge base to supplement the discipline specific training in architecture. This can include courses in the humanities, social sciences, fine arts, biological and physical sciences, computer science, engineering, commerce and management. Creative courses that develop skills in 2D graphics and 3D modeling or fabrication are particularly beneficial, as are whenever possible, collaborative experiential learning experiences. 


The Faculty of Graduate Studies no longer accepts a three-year Bachelor of Communication and Culture with a one-year minor in ARST for entry into graduate programs.

For more information about undergraduate programs and courses, refer to the University of Calgary Undergraduate Calendar.

Program Structure

Minor in architectural studies program structure

The Minor in Architectural Studies (ARST) is best completed in one year. Students can complete their ARST courses over two years if needed to accommodate the requirements of a major or other scheduling conflicts. Upon completion of ARST requirements, students can then apply for admission into the first year of the two-year MArch program. 




Although not required, it is suggested that students take our open studies courses prior to enrolling in the ARST Minor. Other optional courses that will directly benefit your architectural education include:


For more information on the ARST program please contact:

Jennifer Taillefer
Academic Programs Coordinator 
Professional Faculties Building, Room PF 2188