MLA Program Structure

The Master of Landscape Architecture is a first professional degree at the Masters Level. It is a course-based degree which means no research thesis is required.  The Program curriculum incorporates the breadth of Canadian Society of Landscape Architects accreditation requirements and the Program was f accredited in 2018, three years after it admitted its first students. 

Degree Requirements

The three-year curriculum (Foundation Year plus two years (LA 1 and LA 2) is expected to be completed in 6 consecutive terms; less if you are admitted directly into LA 1 rather than the Foundation year.  The program is structured around a sequence of core design studios, technology courses, and design theory and methods courses. Because of this curriculum sequencing all applicants admitted to the MLA must enter the Program in the Fall term. 

Applicants with previous related design degrees (e.g. a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture) may have some or all of the foundation year courses waived. Applications will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, this review will require supporting documentation such as course outlines. An assessment of these prerequisite requirements will be made by an admissions committee and applicants will be informed in offers of admission which, if any, courses at the Foundation level will be required.

Successful completion of the MPlan degree requires successful completion of three years (6 terms) of coursework if admitted to the Foundation Year. Coursework requirements include required core courses, required electives, and electives. These course requirements are referred to by ‘credit units’.  A studio course is a full course and full courses are worth 6 units. A half course, whether required or elective, is worth 3 units.  In total, 78 credit units are required as outlined below and in the 2019-2020 Faculty of Graduate Studies Academic Calendar.

MLA Foundation Year

Fall Term
EVDP 602 Computer modeling (Core) (3 units) *
EVDP 625 Site Planning Studio (Core) (3 units) * 
EVDP 626 Land Plan/Eco Design (Core) (3 units) *
Environmental Design Landscape 645 (Core) (3 units)

Winter Term

EVDP 611 GIS (Core) (3 units) *
EVDS 616 Urban Infrastructure (Core) (3 units) 
EVDL 629 LA History + Theory (Core) (3 units)
EVDL 667 LA Studio I (Core) (6 units) 

Total core units: 27

First (LA1) Year

Fall Term
EVDS 671 Urban Design Theory (Core) (3 units) 
EVDS 620 Urban Design Studio (Core) (6 units) **
EVDL 603 Site Tech I (Core) (3 units) 
EVDL 639 Land Resp. Climate Change (Core) (3 units) 

Winter Term
EVDL 605 Site Tech II (Core) (3 units)
EVDL 641 Green Infrastructure/Winter Cities (Core) (3 units) 
EVDL 668 LA Studio II (Core) (6 units)

Elective course 1 (3 units)

Total core units: 27

Second (LA2) Year

Fall Term
EVDL 767 Regional Landscape Systems Studio(Core) (6 units) 

Elective course 1 (3 units)
Elective course 2 (3 units)

Winter Term

EVDL 777 Senior LA Research Studio (Core) (3 units)
EVDL 643 Professional Practice for LA (Core) (6 units) 

Total core units: 15


* Shared course with Master of Planning program
** EVDS 620 is an interdisciplinary studio with MPlan, MLA and MArch programs